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Hot tub instructions


Please follow these simple instructions to get the very best experience from your Naked Flame Eco-Tub.
We recommend the traditional Swedish and Japanese way of using your tub.
Take a shower before using the tub to ensure the long lasting quality of your water.


l. Always ensure that the water level covers the firebox of the heater when the burner is Iit.
Not doing this may cause damage.W e recommend keeping the water level approx 30cm from the top when heating. This will obviously rise as more people enter the tub and will drain on its own if over full.


2.    Lighting the heater is simple and is the same principal as any f ire. Begin lighting small kindling and once lit add larger dry logs. Your Eco-Tub should be up to temperature (100 deg F -104 deg F) within 2.5/3 hours. You can regulate the heat and draft of the burner by sliding the burner lid to the desired position. As the water heats you can stir occasionally with the paddle provided. This will give a better overall tem­perature on the floating thermometer. For faster heating you can cover the tub with the 2 piece lid pro­vided. When you reach the desired temperature (start with 100deg F) don't add any more logs, close the burner lid fully allowing the fire to just tick over, climb in and enjoy!


3.    Children under 5 should be carefully supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times, as high temperatures can affect little ones much quicker than adults, the tub should be kept a a temperature of 36 C .Older children can use the tub but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If anyone using the tub begins to feel unwell be sure to leave the tub.

4.    Anyone with medical conditions should check with their doctor before using the tub.


5.    A drinks holder is supplied for you and we do recommend drinking plenty of water whilst using the tub and avoid drinking alcohol.


6.    Periodically check your burner so as not to let the fire go out completely and add logs as needed.


7.    When you have finished enjoying the tub it's always best to place the cover back on the top. This protects the tub from leaves and any other bits landing in the water. Please don't sit or place anything on top of the lid.


8.    If you plan to use the tub again the following  morning after evening  use you will find that the insulating properties of your Naked Flame Eco-Tub are fabulous and should only require 30-40 mins time to reheat to full temperature. 

9.    The heater requires very little maintenance and only needs to be cleaned out with
the tools provided after using 3/4 times. It actually works better with some ash left inside.

We  hope you enjoy using your Naked Flame Eco -Tub. It's all very simple really.........Totally natural.    Totally
hand crafted....... Totally sustainable...... and   most of all.    Totally beautiful.


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