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The Yorkshire Dales are home to nationally and internationally important landscapes and wildlife.

There are 17 priority habitats including the species-rich hay meadows of the valley bottoms, the calcareous grasslands on the thin limestone soils, the upland ash and oak woodlands on the valley sides and fell top blanket bog and heathland.

We have more than 120 species which are national priorities for conservation action. These include red squirrelsperegrine falcons and lady’s-slipper orchids.

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You'll have noticed that at cherish glamping each of our yurts is named after a bird that visits the area, you'll probably be familiar with the bird your yurt is named after especially after you've stayed ,

click here for some more pictures of the birds that visit

For more information about the bird your particular yurt is named after click on your yurt name 





Barn owl



We're trying to help our endangered bird species , so far we have created a wading bird feeding area amongst the reeds in our top pasture , feel free to have a wander up there , we ask that you do keep dogs under control during nesting season as Lapwings, Curlews and Oystercatchers are all ground nesting birds and whilst we are unsure whether they will choose our pasture to nest in we do know that they nest in the adjacent pastures.

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