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Snowballs and webbed feet

Gosh we've been battered over the last few weeks storm after storm has bought high winds , rain , floods and this morning 6 inches of snow. Needless to say the kids have enjoyed a few extra days away from school firstly down to flooded roads and today due to snow , which has now mostly melted and added to the flooded roads.

Which itching for a dry spell so that we can put the yurts back up , although to be honest I'm quite glad they are safely stored away in the barn at the moment and not being blown to Askrigg.

On another note we've fenced off part of the barn and we have some special B&B guests, one of our neighbouring farmers didn't have enough space for both his cattle and sheep , so we're keeping the sheep warm and dry in the run up to lambing. Its quite nice to pop out and see them when we go for firewood.

Bits and pieces for the 6th yurt have started to arrive with a beautiful goldfinch bed already safely stored. We've new hearthstones for each of the yurts , this have been quarried just outside Leyburn and are lovely local grey sandstone.

Not having the weather to put up yurts has meant that we're busy investigating lots of activities in the local area , so watch for some more updates on our pages giving you ideas for days out, things to do and of course walks and waterfalls.

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