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We've been a bit busy

So, our holiday seems a dim and distant memory although we returned to Yorkshire just 10 days ago!

What have we done in 10 days, sometimes I think what haven't we ! We've celebrated Aylish's birthday ( most important when you're12). We've put up 5 yurts, the weather was kind to us just before Easter and our tan's came from the Dales rather than Teneriefe ! I've built 5 four poster beds, 5 oak tables, moved 5 kingsize mattresses and unwrapped so much bedding the washing machine is crying. The landscaping has been done and today the turf arrived, but that's Steve's job this week as I have the insides of the yurts to finish.

Oh and our first washroom is working so we can now walk down to the field and have a shower( whilst there's no guests) very exciting.

All in all everything is coming together.

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